The air surrounding Yggdrasil was much different than it normally was. What was once a vibrant, peaceful sanctuary was now covered in blood. The ferocious claps of thunder owned the grey sky. The taste of steel tainted the thick ash covered air.  The bodies of men covered the field of the inner valley, just a few clicks outside of the village. Some were burned beyond recognition, others with missing limbs and white faces. The scene dripped of an angry gods’ work. But in the midst of all the carnage and ruin stood two bodies. The soul survivors of their respective sides.

There was a man. Tall but slender in size. Hair as black as the wild hunt, curled and clinging down his sharp jawline. A single sword resting on his back, clinging to his scarred body like a new born child. Diamonds covered its hilt, the first frost of winter. Blood was running down from his right eye, one that was once green was now as red as the puddles on the battle field. On his rugged face rested a fatal smirk.

Across the way stood and woman. She was tall, like her rival. But her figure was elegant, like she could float on air if she so chose. Her slick, black hair was captured inside of a ponytail. Loose strands curled around her angelic skin, she looked like a goddess. Her eyes were a sharp, focused dark blue. Like the ocean after a wretched storm. Dressed in black from head to toe, black sleeves covering her arms and chest, black tights clinging to her legs. Daggers found refuge in the pockets of her boots, the only weapons she carried with her to battle. But unlike her rival, she was untouched, surrounded by a blue aura.

Suddenly the man let out a sharp laugh. The sound that a demon made as it smelled fresh blood.

“Well, well. Never did I think that Odin himself would choose you, of all people, to be my final opponent before I purge this land.” He said throwing his head back in excitement.

The sky began to close and the thunder became stronger, thicker. Rain began to fall heavily, the tears of the gods. The man looked up into the sky, arms spread on both sides. “I can feel their power flowing through me, boiling in my blood.” He began to walk towards the woman.

“My father could only dream of possessing this much power.” He said bitterly.

The sound of scrapping steel filled the air as he grabbed the hilt of his sword, releasing it from its nest on his back.

“You will die here Sara Katerina Inazuma. I will break you” he said with a smirk full of bloodlust. “To the point where you beg me for the sweet release of death. Then, I will deliver the same fate to my slippery little sister.”

Sara’s fist formed into solid rock. Blue and red sparks began to flickers around her entire body. It was like a fresh fire being born.

“You will not lay a finger on Gwyen.” She said sharply. Her body was unmoving, so calm and confident. “I am the last line of defense and by the gods I will stop you here and now Kae.”

Kae’s eyes narrowed, the veins in his arms pulsating. The grip around his blade left no room for air.

“For the king you killed, for the kingdom that you have brought to ruin. I will return your stolen power to the gods and put an end to all of this… Even at the cost of my own life,” She said fiercely.

Her eyes were different now.

The air became lighter and the wind calmer, you could still taste the blood and ash. Rain fell from the sky like tiny shooting stars as bolts of lightning buried themselves into the ground around the field. Kae took a deep breath as he pulled his hand over his bleeding eye. He smiled.

“We shall see who is truly worthy. Show me your power Katerina,” he let out a scream like thunder as he rushed towards Sara.

“I promise; I will come back to you alive Gwyen,” she said silently as she rushed towards Kae.

Their speed was blinding.

Kae swung his sword down swiftly towards Sara. She quickly stole the daggers from their homes to block the strike. Black and white sparks flew from the clashing steel. The ground beneath their feet began to cave in. The impact was as powerful as Thor’s mighty hammer.

“Don’t tell me this is all your unstoppable stolen power can dish out little king,” she said charmingly.

Kae flashed an annoyed look. “Such a wise cracking little roach, you haven’t changed at all,” he said as the the two quickly separated from each other. “It’s nice to know you haven’t lost your speed either. This is going to be fun”.

Sara’s eyebrows burrowed down. Suddenly she bit down on her thumb, violet liquid began to filter out slowly. With precision she laced all four daggers with a line of her blood.

“Enough talk,” she said impatiently. Her speed had increased drastically as she rushed towards Kae, daggers held between her knuckles in both hands. Suddenly she was in front of him, she spun her body, one leg following behind her. Her foot quickly met the stomach of Kae’s blade.

He let out a fierce roar, “Too slow”. His blade sliced through her chest, a knife through butter. But as quickly as the blade had cut, her body dismantled in a sea of lightening.

In a split second she was behind her opponent.

“Keep up little king” she whispered in his ear as a dagger quickly dug into his bare skin and onto ground. The next three followed, through his leg, his arm and cheek.

Kae kneeled to the ground, blood covering his face.

“So adept at teleportation, you always knew how to get my blood boiling during a fight, Katerina,” he said gripping his cheek.

“Then this will really get you going” she said as she clapped her hands together.

Confusion swept over Kae. “What did you do,” he asked through gritted teeth.

Sara let off a smirk, “Those daggers I pierced you with are laced with my blood. Pay attention to how they’re positioned around you now,”.

He surveyed the ground around him. Each dagger was positioned precisely around Kae, making a perfect square.

“The Inazuma are adept at summoning lightning due to our contract with Thor. I’ve placed a barrier around you, your movement is restricted and you’ve nowhere to run. Always such a careless little warrior.”

Kae shot out a hateful look. Attempting to muster up the strength to raise his sword. The rain was beating down harder. The lightning was becoming stronger, growing louder and louder.

An ear splitting clap escaped through the eye in the sky.

“Now repent to the thunder god” she screamed.

©Jawan Herron


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