Chapter 2: Urgent News

The two of them walked towards the back a room where a small, glossy table stood alone. Surrounded by books and a calm, yearning atmosphere. Bella’s mother could not stop beaming. Her eyes never leaving her daughters silhouette as she took a seat at the table. Bella continued to pace around the back room. Touching the spines of old books as she walked by them.

“Come darling, sit down with me.” her mother said.

Bella shook her head slowly, “No, I’m fine standing. It’s what I’ve been doing for months now.”

“Calm your nerves Isabella, sit with your mother. Tell me, how was your first hunt alone?” she inquired.

Bella stood quietly for a moment. Her body began to unravel. The once tense muscles of her body became loose. Her face also seemed to become lighter, she always became so tight when around her mother. But now that they were speaking of something she truly cared about, with every cell in her body, she became more open. So she took a seat across from her mother. The two of them sitting there could be mistaken for a painting, there was so much beauty it was almost envious.

“It was everything you said it would be actually” Bella’s amber eyes were glowing. “As soon as I got my footing everything just sort of, fell into place. The weapon father made for me seemed to bond with my anatomy fairly quickly as well.”

“That is to be expected, you are our daughter after all. Your natural abilities kicked in the moment you began the trial.” Bella’s mother spoke with pride.

The two huntress continued to speak of countless things young Bella had experienced during her first trial as a huntress. The creatures she encountered, the sights she had seen, the way her senses developed at such an alarming rate. She could hear things from miles away, see clearly in the dark and move faster than any normal person could ever move. All of this happening over the course of the many months she spent away from home. But suddenly the tone of the conversation shifted. The air became denser than it was before and Bella’s mother leaned in closer.

“Now tell my daughter, how did handle killing your first target”

Bella eyes shifted to the ground as her delicate hands turned to fists in her lap.

“Tracking the target was as easy as breathing. Planning my attack was just as simple.” Bella paused.


“But I struggled to kill him at fist. I- I was afraid to take another living, breathing persons’ life. It wasn’t until he came at me with the intent to kill after my weakness that I was able to complete my task.” She spat out quickly, “I am sorry mother”.

Bella’s mother took a deep breath, pushing her moon lit hair from her eyes. She smiled as she began to rub her daughters head.

“You did well my daughter, do not doubt yourself. Is that why you stayed away longer than anticipated?”

Bella’s head was focused on her lap. A puddle of silver and white stained her bowed skull. She nodded slowly.

“Yes. I wanted to eliminate that weakness and become stronger, learn more.”

“I can see that it was worth it. You have become strong indeed, but wiser as well. I am very proud of you” she beamed “Now raise your head Isabella.”

She slowly raised her head. Flowing from her sparkling amber eyes were small rivers of liquid over rose cheeks. All she ever wanted to make her mother and father proud. So she pushed herself after her initial failure. She became stronger and wiser than any other huntress her age. She was living up to her families iron strong legacy. But suddenly there was a commotion bursting from outside of the study.

Harley came flying through the door and into the room. Sweating and completely out of breath she stumbled in.

“My apologies Lady Reyna, Bella. But I gots some news you to might wanna hear” she spat our quickly.

©Jawan Herron


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