What is love? Is it that mystical illusion that there is one and only person out there in world for you? Confiding every one of your secrets and darkests fears to. Like your own personaly journal, forever consoling your scrambled mind. Is love the feeling you get when she is around, when she laughs and smiles at the clouds in the sky. Your pulse thickens and your legs turn into water beneath you, the butterflies in your stomach awakening from their slumber.

Is it a feeling of loss or pain? When she leaves, a part of you leaves with her. It is like you are oceans away from the one thing that gives your life meaning, the one thing that makes everything make sense. Her touch is like fireworks racing around your skin. An unbelievably mystical aura surrounding you both when her lips are locked into yours. Her voice, so sweet and fluid like am everlasting flow of honey. You can taste the words she speaks on your tongue, unable to focus on anything else. When her hands are laced around yours like the perfect knot in a show lace. Awakening to her eyes dripping into yours, the warmth of your bodies interlocked. Is that love?

What happens when it is over? When she speaks the words that you prayed she would never speak. When the distance becomes too much for either of you to bare, or even work through. The nights become cold and days become longer because she is not beside you. How does your heart contain the ache? How does your mind survive the corruption and damage of her leaving your soul? Is that love?

Love is pain, love is her taste, love is her smell, love is her laugh, love is her absence. She is love.

©Jawan L Herron


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