Chapter 4 (Part 2)

The rain outside had let up. Tiny cracks of twilight were peeking between the cotton clouds in the sky. Mixing with pink and touches of midnight, the stars were beginning to awaken. The outskirts of the city were peaceful and quiet; it was the only place left untouched by battle or interference from manmade settlements. The perfect place to sit and watch the world around you, time seemed to stand still in the greenlands. No commotion, no city sounds, no hustle and bustle. Just the wind and the fresh nature around you. Bella would come here, to meditate and even train sometimes. But she wouldn’t train her body, but her mind. Little to anyone’s knowledge, her recent success as a huntress could be traced back to acute synchronization with nature and the spirits surrounding it.

It was ancient knowledge passed down from the earliest line of Hunters. It is important to be skilled in battle, yes, but without a connection to the unmoving world around you, you are sure to lack as a Hunter. Seek wisdom from the spirits around you, breathe in every aspect that nature has to offer you. Although this is said to be something all Hunters must master, it has faded away into the dark past. That is not to say that some still do not practice the old ways, Bella learned from her mother and father. As did her brother, which is why their growth has been far greater than any other hunter in decades.

Bella and Jace walked side by side through the grassy surface. Footsteps so light that you could barely here the grass crush beneath their feet. Bella was dressed more casually now. A long black sweater covered her upper body, only leaving one shoulder bare to the wind. Her legs covered in black tights ending just above her ankles, her feet bare on the ground. Showing off her perfectly painted nails. Her lush silver hair tied in a tail on her heads, bust as always strands found their way over her eyes.

Jace stopped to look up at the sky. Stars were shooting back and forth in the twilight. A normal occurrence for this part of the world, but beautiful nonetheless. Bella turned to look at her brother.

“I’m glad you’re home” she said softly.

Jace still looking up spoke to his sister “Yeah… I’m surprised The Order chose me as their envoy, I’m still fairly new”

“I’m not all that surprised. You’re the best and most reliable fighter that they have. Even with all those “experienced” warriors they always brag about.” She said as her words dripped with sarcasm. “Although I was surprised that more didn’t come back with you, mother did send for a small army. I guess finding our sister isn’t top priority with them…”

Jace’s expression changed. Her slowly ran his hand through messy silver hair.

“We’ll just have to go and find her ourselves… I won’t leave her out there with them.” He spoke.

His words could cut through a steel table.

Bella simply gazed at her older brother. Her expression was hard or even sad. Her eyes were soft and simple. She had always admired Jace’s strength, even in times of suffering. Even when their father had passed away, he was always as strong as a stone wall, never faltering. The two siblings just sat in silence until the moon woke from its sleep. They never needed to speak much to understand each other and right now one thing was clear, they were indeed going to find their missing sister. With or without the assistance of The Order. As the wind blew through the night, Bella rested her head on Jace’s shoulder as they stood and watched the world fall asleep.

©Jawan Herron


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