*It’s been awhile since my last entry, almost an entire month, as i’ve been lacking inspiration and motive. But i’m trying my best to find it. Also a name changed has been added. The main character Bella is now named “Noka or Ginokami (her full name)” the name mean white wolf in japanese. Well, please enjoy Chapter 5!

Chapter 5: The Cauldron

The two siblings made their way back to the city under the cover of the night. Not a cloud could be seen in the sky. Although the bright lights of the surrounding buildings snuffed out any awakening stars. As they came close to their home a large crowd could be seen gathered inside through the windows.

“What’s going on in there” Jace asked with raised eyebrows.

Noka wore a confused look on her face as well as she pushed through the front door. The room was filled with people in long black cloaks, hoods covering their faces. Suddenly Harley was at Noka’s side, gripping her arm tightly.

“Harley, hey” Noka spoke softly as she hugged her best friend. “What’s going on, who are these hooded creeps?”

“They’re with the order. Apparently, they came to speak to your mom about something.” Harley whispered as she gripped Noka’s arm harder. “It’s about your sister”

Jace quickly turned towards Harley, his hands in the shape of fists. “The Order” he raised. “Why would they send more envoys, I’m supposed to be the only one. Something isn’t right.”

Suddenly the atmosphere of the room shifted. Lady Reyna gracefully glided into the room, though her aura was completely changed.

“Envoy of The Order, why have come here” she asked, her voice heavy with pressure. “My son was already sent to us, your presence her is not needed.”

Noka and Jace silently observed their mother, wondering why these people were here. It was very rare for this many soldier of The Order to be sent to one place at once. Quickly an envoy stepped forward and without removing her hood she spoke.

“Lady Reyna, we apologize for this sudden intrusion. We come with a decree from The Elders of The Order.” The woman spoke. Her voice soft but sharp like a freshly sharpened blade.

“What decree” Reyna inquired, her arms crossed at her chest.

The room was so silent and stiff, the air suddenly becoming much heavier than it was before. Jace, Noka and Harley stood still, waiting to hear what the woman had to say.

“There is a Cauldron to be held. In order to determine whether or not your children are prepared to take on this dangerous task, they must be put to the test. Along with more of The Order’s most skilled warriors. This is a trail, to the death” She spoke.


The feeling in the compound had become heavier in the days after the announcement. Only once has an event like this been held and Reyna’s children weren’t even an afterthought at that time. Something was off. But despite the events to come, Jace, Noka and Harley were hard at work, training their bodies and minds together.

Winter was coming in close. Frost covering the city like a white blanket, rocking the streets to sleep. Outside of the city, the trio was practicing, under the watch of Lady Reyna. The snow and ice crackled and crunched underneath Noka’s agile steps. Silver fur covered the tops of her black boots and she was dressed in her usual black attire, only more fitting for the weather. The long silver braid hanging from her head swayed back and forth has she dodged and predicted her brother’s attacks. Jumping quickly, she created space between her brothers’ leg and herself.

In that same moment, Harley came flying from air above her, unleashing a series of swift punches and kicks. Noka blocked each attempt with perfection and focus and she landed back on the ground with so much force it made the snow around them rise like an avalanche. Jace and Harley both swiftly launched themselves at Noka from both sides. Each moving with quickness so blinding a normal eye wouldn’t be able to keep up. Her eyes were filled with more anger and focus than they could hold. Noka swerved backwards, dodging a punch from Harley and in the same motion she gripped her wrist tightly. The force of the caught punch let out a strong burst of air. Suddenly Harley was flying towards Jace, unable to stop. But this wasn’t a problem for him.

“Crap, Jace look out” Harley shouted in a manic voice.

Head first she was rocketing towards him, screaming like a child who just lost her favorite candy. It was as if time slowed down, he swiftly placed his hands on Harley’s head and launched himself over her. Noka’s eyes widened.

Harley quickly crashed into the snow, freezing ice slipping down the collar of her dark green turtle neck.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH COLD” she shrieked.

“Leap frog” Jace yelled as he flew towards his sister.

Lady Reyna stood on the sidelines, silently watching her younglings. She was like a statue, frozen in the cold. Noka planted her feet and prepared herself for the incoming attack. Jace came at her with a blinding force, his fist coming directly to her.

“A direct attack? You’re getting sloppy pretty boy” Noka yelled proudly as she quickly flung Jace’s arm away.

Suddenly Jace disappeared into the cold winter mist, his entire body evaporating.

“What the—” her eyebrows burrowed.

Lady Reyna smiled and shook her head, “Below you darling”.

As Noka looked down her face became stiff, almost like wood. “Hell no” she moaned.

There he was, emerging from the snow like a fox awaiting its prey. He wore the biggest smirk on his perfectly crafted face. His palm connecting with her stomach sent Noka flying into the air and into a mountain of snow. Harley still on ground on her face, you could hear her laughter coming from inside the snow. Reyna began to chuckle, like most royals it was controlled for what it was. Jace paced over to the pile he housed his little sister in and knelt beside her.

“How did I forget you had that ability” she muttered through the snow, only her legs sticking out.

He let out a soft laugh as he slicked his silver hair back “Well, you got cocky, you’re moves were readable and I’m older so I win by default”. He slowly dug her out of the snow, brushing her silver off “Better luck next time little wolf”.

Noka sighed with her hand on her hip, watching the people she loved most laugh around her. She let a soft smirk pass her lips. She wished it could always be like this, but the looming thought of the deadly cauldron enveloped that wish whole instantly.

©Jawan Herron


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