Ginger Fox

That invincible feeling
The one that makes you believe in things you thought were impossible
You would spot them first in a crowded room
Giving you a feeling that cannot explain
Even if that feeling is new and scary
They inspire you, they are art to you
Pushing you past your self constructed limits and walls
The sun always shines bright
The moon always glows
They are your first thought as you wake
Your last at night
When the days are long and the nights longer
They pull you through
Completely unaware of the effect that they have on you
Sure, you would be okay without them, you can live without them
But you just… do not want to
They are special
The best thing, your favorite thing
it is almost like magic
An unseen force pulling you to them
Now, do you have that person in mind?
Hold onto that light, hold it close to your chest and even closer to your heart
And never let it burn out

©Jawan Herron


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