Update 5/2/17

Hello everyone. This post is basically going to be quick wrap about where i’m going to going with this blog. This is place I generally use to share my poetry, short stories and other various projects that i’m working. One project in particle being ‘The Huntress’. My last visit on that story was almost a month or so ago, i’ve really been slacking. But I have a lot of ideas on where I want that story to go so stayed tuned!

I also want to start posting more poetry and reviews as well. I’m a recent graduate from Kansas State University and I want future employers to have a good place to go for all of my written work. I’m also very passionate about art, anime, video games and japanese culture so i would like to write more about those things. Whether it be reviewing recent anime, video games etc. or posting informative things about japan and their culture as well as other places in the world.

I weant this to be a place where I can explore my creativity freely. So I will do my best to keep all of this updated daily, if not weekly. I really want to get back into my normal groove of writing after working in the real world for the past year. Hope you all stick with me as I continue to grow as i writer! Thank you!



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