So we are five episodes deep into this new generation of ninja and I have to say, I am enjoying the series a lot more than I originally anticipated. This episode was full of fun moments and gave us a little more information on the mystery of Mitsuki and Boruto’s new eye power. The episode starts with a former academy student causing trouble in the village, boruto and his classmates just so happened to be walking by and decided to try and stop the rampaging shinobi. It’s then that Boruto begins to see the same malice filled chakra shown in previous episodes, surrounding this fellow.

The chase leads him to the mysterious Mitsuki, who hails from the Hidden Sound Village, a village once known to be founded by the legendary sanin Orochimaru. For those who have watched Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, you will be quiet familiar with the lore behind the sound village and the fierce shinobi it has produced. After being introduced to his classmates, Mitsuki begins to become awfully interested in young boruto but the son of the hokage just seems to see mitsuki as weird above anything else.

Towards the middle of the episode we find the class participating in mock battles, daily fights to futher expand their ninjustu and taijustu skills. Iwabe, the oldest student in the academy accepts mitsuki’s challenge to partake in a ‘no holds barred’ match. Now this is my favorite scene in the episode, we finally get to see what kind of skill this sound ninja has. He overwhelms iwabe with snake like movements, extreme speed and exceptional taijustu. You can almost see the shadow of orochimaru surrounding this kid, it was such a great scene and the animation was top notch. We also get a glimpse into his personality. He has trouble with basic human interaction and takes everything very literally. Hense the reason why he went all out against Iwabe, forcing Shino to physically pull him off of his neck

To wrap up the episode, the strange chakra claims another victim at the acedemy and the class must work together to take him down. We catch a glimpse of how quick and smart Sarada Uchiha actually is and she is amazing. Mitsuki again shows a glimpse of his power while using his wind style jutsu, bringing the rampaging shinobi down.

Overall, I think this episode was great. We were introduced to a new character, well Mitsuki has been around for almost two years and those who have read the manga one-shot explaining his origins and have watched Boruto: Naruto the Movie know him very well. But it is still really nice to see a new layer of him be displayed in the anime. Next weeks episode brings a new fight to the young shinobi, this time the malice chakra has taken someone that they are very close to and Boruto, Mitsuki and Shikadai must work together to put a stop to them. Will Boruto finally get a handle on his mysterious eye power? Hopefully more questions will answered next wednesday.

Score: 7/10


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