This episode of Boruto was more for comedy than anything else. In this week’s installment, we got a closer look at ChoCho, daughter of Choji and Karui. She is much like her father in terms of weight and her immense love for all things food. But she most definitely carries her mother’s attitude and looks. Always claiming that she wants a strong and good looking man for herself.

We find out that someone seems to be stalking the girls, more precisely the class president. So, with the help of the boys, the girls find and corner the stalker only to find out that he’s a student at the academy. Only looking for a chance to be noticed by the shy class president. The funniest part was when ChoCho convinced the poor kid to confess his feelings to the class president, in front of the whole gang. The scene reinforced the fact that this episode was more for comic relief, or a sort of filler before things heat up in the coming episodes.

After being rejected the infamous malice chakra grabs a hold on the embarrassed student and turns his stalking ways, into something more serious and dangerous. He begins to attack the group at school the following day, all to get the class rep alone with him. Cutting everyone off aside from her by using in camouflage ninjutsu. Which in my opinion was a pretty cool and unique jutsu for someone so young to have.

Boruto’s mystery eye activates again as he sees the chakra swarming around him. Being like his father, Boruto rushes in without a plan, dragging Shikadai along for the ride. All while ChoCho and Sarada watch from the sidelines. Sarada scolding Boruto for jumping in without a plan, much like her mother and father used to do to Naruto all the time. In a shocking turn, it is ChoCho who decides to step in. She puts down her bag of chips to make a speech about how he shouldn’t hide himself from anyone anymore. That he should work to become stronger and smarter, stand out more and be confident in himself. Only then will girls like the class rep notice him. With that negotiation, he breaks free from the malice chakra and apologizes to everyone for his actions.

Something I thought was funny was that ChoCho told the boy that once he becomes stronger he should “come back to her” and everyone is just like what? He wanted the class rep’s attention and she made it about her so quickly. I really enjoyed that. Another hilarious scene takes place after everything settles down and the boys are at the cafe eating. Boruto starts drawing a picture of the creature he saw using the malice chakra to try and show/explain everything to Mitsuki and Shikadai. The picture was horrible and the faces that the two made were hilarious, I was crying. I love when anime does that. Also, mitsuki seemed to speaking to his father Orochimaru again in this episode but it’s still unclear as to what he’s hiding.

The episode raps up with Naruto and Shikamaru again speaking on what to do about the strange reports once again. This time it seems like Naruto will be getting his own episode next week, as he and Shikamaru investigate why Boruto and the others are involved in this as well. Boruto even seemed to be speaking to Naruto about his strange eye power as well? The preview didn’t go into that much depth but I’m excited for next week nonetheless!

Score: 8.5/10
Animation: 9/10


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