I am fully aware that this review is about a week late, I’m sorry! Life has been keeping me super busy but let’s jump right into it!

This episode of Boruto was one that can be called a kick starter. We’re starting to see some major progression in terms of filling crucial plot points and answering a few questions. One of those questions being centered around Boruto’s new eye power and where it came from exactly. Well, we have obtained a major response to that and that response is called Toneri. For those who don’t know, Toneri was a major character from The Last: Naruto the Movie. He wielded and eye power called the Tensiegan. So, if you haven’t watched the film, please go and do so!

But we get a scene with Toneri speaking to Boruto in his dream, saying that his eye will be the one to basically save and protect humanity. So, are they hinting that this eye could be a Tensiegan that was possibly passed down from Toneri to Boruto, somehow? Yes, Hinata has a connection to Toneri but there are still some more details we need before we can form a coherent theory.

Boruto labels his new eye the Byakugan and goes to tell his parents that he has the all-seeing eye now. We see a major character shift in Naruto in this episode. He acts like Minato in a sense in this episode, not the Naruto we know from the past. He doubts that his son has the Byakugan, saying that he hasn’t had the training necessary to unlock it. That, in turn, pisses Boruto off and he demands that they take him to him grandfather, the leader of the Hyuga clan.

This had to my favorite scene in the episode. We see Hanabi all grown up and interacting with her niece and nephew as well as Hinata’s father doing the same. The two of them were fawning so much over Boruto and Himawari, it was hilarious. Naruto and Boruto have a conversation with grandfather and ask to check if what Boruto is saying is indeed true, but he is unable to fully assess whether his grandson has the Byakugan or not. This brings us to end of the episode, ending with Hiashi challenging Boruto to a duel to test if the eye will finally reveal itself.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode a lot. They finally got the ball rolling and things should start progressing quickly now. Giving us more details and more answers to our questions. I am very excited for tomorrow’s episode, so I hope you guys tune in as well!

Score: 8.5/10
Animation: 7/10


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