Again, we start this episode off really slow but we also get a lot of nice information to progress the story as well. I actually did enjoy this episode as well. Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki are actively hunting the ‘ghosts’, the term Boruto is now using to describe the purple chakra controlling people. The three of them have been skipping school to continue the hunt. Which leads to a funny scene where Mitsuki was in charge of writing the sick notes for them, we all know the guy has trouble with basic human interactions so his note was REALLY bad. Boruto comes home to Hinata with her Byakugan active, asking why he was skipping class. Shikadai returns to school with a giant smack mark on the side of his face. Mama Temari doesn’t play obviously.

But the class receives an assignment to go out into the village and find a place of work or business that might suit their interests and shadow the workers there. Boruto uses the post office or mail delivery service as a cover to comb the village for the ghosts while deliverying the mail, which I thought was pretty smart. Sarada and ChoCho choose the food factory (mainly because of ChoCho) and Sumire (class president) and two other girls choose the water plant, which will be very important for next week’s episode.

While the trio are delivery mail the get an alert that someone began rampaging in Senju Park, so they rush over to the scene quickly. Sai, who was already investigating the area for Naruto, finds a trace of Senju DNA on a park bench and brings it back to the Hokage’s mansion. Shikamaru and Naruto deduct that former members of the foundation may be to blame. Given that the group and experimented with Senju DNA in the past. Sai mentioned that past members may still be at large after the group disbanded due to Danzo’s death in the five kage summit arc of Naruto Shippuden. When the trio of kids arrive at the scene, they’re too late.

There was a really nice scene in the middle of the episode when Naruto comes home for a change of clothes. Hinata walks into the office to find him there and the way he speaks to her is so warm and loving. The go to Boruto’s room, to watch him sleep. Naruto talks about how he doesn’t know how to relate to Boruto that much now, since he himself grew up without a father. He says he can tell that his son senses that. But Hinata reassures him that Boruto knows that he’s trying and that he loves him, he just shows it in his own way. Even saying that Boruto looks just like Naruto when he smiles, which I really loved. It was so nice to see this family so happy. To see Naruto, have everything he’s ever wanted since the beginning. It really warmed my heart.

At the end of the episode the three boys return to the postal service the next day to continue work. But ChoCho is there causing a huge scene because her rare chips haven’t been delivered yet (which I thought was hilarious). In his rush to find the ghosts, Boruto delivered the mail terribly leading to it all having to be redelivered the next day. Suddenly they receive an alert that the something had happened at the at the water plant. The kids realize that Sumire and the other girls had chosen that location has their work shadow and the episode ends there.

Overall, I think the episode gave us a lot of good information. What with the Senju DNA reveling itself and the foundation coming up again. You can tell that the studio is gearing up for the climax of this arc. I would probably give it another 3 episodes before we start getting into the movie arc, which I’m really excited to see. There were tons of comedic scenes as usual that, I feel like combined with everything else that is why this anime is so great. It’s doing really well keeping the viewers engaged and coming back every week. So, until next week, I’ll see you guys later!

Score: 7.5/10
Animation: 7/10



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