Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 12 – Review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 12 – Review

This episode of Boruto gave us a crucial plot point to accelerate this current arc. It could quiet possibly be that we now know the identity of the masked shinobi from last week’s episode. So, let’s jump right into it.

The episode seemed to be centered around Mitsuki and his relationship with Boruto. In the first scene, we see young Mitsuki speaking with his snake companion, as we’ve seen him do many times before. The person that he is talking to still seems to remain a mystery. But many, like myself, are suspecting that it is none other than his father Orochimaru or possibly a certain someone else (you will know the reference if you read the one shot awhile back). The strange child is fascinated with Boruto and his ability to influence others, bring out the best parts in them.

That was shown during the classes training exercise. The kids had to work in teams of three to complete and obstacle course before the time ran out. Boruto, Denki and Mitsuki were on the same team but towards the end Denki fell behind. Without hesitation Boruto stopped to pick up his fallen comrade but feel short. To much his surprise, Mitsuki reacted quickly and helped denki over the wall with his snake arms jutsu. The fact that he helped Denki instead of finishing the race without him confused Mitsuki and pushed him to find out what exactly makes Boruto so special.

He goes on to question Shikadai, Inojin and other members of the class. Who all say the same thing, there’s just something about Boruto that makes people want to trust and follow him. He cares so much about his friends, at the end of the episode we figure out exactly why he’s that way. The one conversation that made a lightbulb go off in my head was the one involving Sumire. Mitsuki had visited her in the hospital and questioned her about Boruto. But we get a very interesting back story to go along with her response. Sumire is the last of her clan. Her father died in battle and her mother passed away as well. Leaving just her behind. The way she spoke about it made me think about something. It had an odd feeling to it.

Boruto then brings Mitsuki home for dinner. Where he meets Hinata and Himawari, who are more than welcoming to Boruto’s new friend. I always enjoy seeing Hima interact with everyone. She’s always so happy, polite and sweet. Such a sweet little cinnamon roll. Hinata tells the boys that Naruto will be coming and this excites Mitsuki because he has never met the 7th before. Boruto insures him that Naruto is just their good for nothing dad and that’s there’s nothing special about him. But Mitsuki references that his “parent” told him all about Naruto and his accomplishments.

In the middle of dinner, Naruto senses a strange and evil chakra, causing him to leave home and return back to the mansion to speak with Shikamaru. The villains are on the move again it seems. Angered by his father yet again leaving them and not being there for them, Boruto runs out of the house, leaving Mitsuki to follow after him with Naruto’s blessing. Now this is where the arc is about to hit its climax.

Having caught up with Boruto, Mitsuki listens to what his friend has to say. Boruto explains why he dislikes his father. Ever since he became Hokage he hasn’t been there for his family at all. Never there when Boruto needs him the most. So, he swore that he would abandon his friends for the sake of the village or anyone else. He would always be there for his loved ones, unlike his father who thinks of the entire village as his family. This reaction sparks something in Mitsuki, causing him to tell Boruto something he’s been holding back. The fact that he knows who his behind the incidents, behind the chakra harming people, harming their friends. We are then taken to a scene in the hospital room, the one where Sumire was being treated. The bed is empty and window is open, letting in the soft breeze from outside of the blue colored sky.

Could Sumire actually have something to do with this whole thing? Or is it something bigger than that, something involving her clam? After watching the preview for next week’s episode, I can see that the current arc is coming to a close. The beast has been summoned and some familiar shinobi who haven’t been seen in a long time are chipping in to protect the village.

This week’s episode started off very slow but ended with a big bang and next week will be even better. What role do you think Sumire is playing in this whole thing? Let me know your thoughts and as always, I’ll catch you next time!

Score: 7/10
Animation: 6/10


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations EP 11 – Review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations EP 11 – Review

This was the episode that we all have been waiting for. The one where a good portion of our questions have been answered and the coming climax of the arc. So, with that being said, let’s jump right into it.

We are taken to the hospital. Where we see all of the kids huddled around Sumire and the girls involved in the power plant attack from the previous episode. Sumire herself seems to be okay, aside from a few scratches and minor injuries. The conversation turns to strange attacks going on around the village, more so about the people doing the attacking. Denki and Metal chime in about how they felt when they were being controlled. Saying they didn’t feel like themselves and how it was like someone else was using their body. Boruto rushes into the room suddenly and barrages Sumire with apologies and sympathy.

The young Uzamaki blamed himself for the attack, claiming that if he wasn’t in such a rush and delivered the mail less recklessly, then maybe they could’ve been on patrol and caught the ghost at the power plant. Essentially preventing the girls from ever being hurt to begin with. I really like seeing this side of Boruto. He seems to carry that same compassion for his friends, that same sense of justice just like his father did.

That’s when Naruto approaches the boys and tells them to stay out of it. Sakura also makes an appearance in this scene, which made very happy. She was working so hard to help the man who basically had all of his chakra taken from his body. Naruto claimed that Boruto was just a child and “should graduate from the academy first, then we’ll talk”. Boruto obviously didn’t like that response and that’s when Shino chimes in. Saying that since he is Boruto’s teacher, he knows what he can and can’t do better than anyone. Naruto hasn’t even seen his son train or witnessed any of the ability he has, so he accepts it and leaves the situations in the hands of the kids.

They return to post office to resume their mail duty the right way and also continue their patrol of the village in search of the ghost. To their surprise the manager, Komame, allows them to deliver the mail despite how poorly they did before. So with the go ahead they head out. But another incident occurs, with another trace of the Hashirama cell surfacing. Sai takes the information back to the lab at the Hokage’s Mansion. He tells Naruto that if the culprit really was a part of the foundation, that he wants to help them. Stating that they should no longer be bound by the same ideology that he was once bound to. Seeing how much Sai has grown as character is one of my favorite things to see. He has come a long way since the early Shippuden episodes.

Having missed another incident, the boys come to figure out that somehow their movements are being watched. So Shikadai comes up with an crafty idea that involves all of their classmates (at least the ones we’ve seen in current episodes) in hopes of tricking the ghost and capturing them. They’re told to use fireworks brought in by Iwabe, in order to signal everyone when something weird comes up. Quickly they all set out, leaving behind Komame.

Thinking that everyone has left, the ghost comes for the post office manager. We see someone in what looks like a tan Anbu cloak and a strange mask. But this shinobi is able to control the chakra beast, having it bite Komame and sending him into a rage. Little did the ghost know it was all a trap. Boruto, Denki, Iwabe and Shikadai appear before the ghost and confront him. Faking out the attacker, having them think that everywhere but the post office was being guarded was really smart.

The battle begins, but the masked shinobi escapes during the fight. So, it’s then up to the boys to save Komame. Meanwhile, the attacker thinks they’re getting away but the second group consisting of Inojin, Mitsuki, Metal Lee and ChoCho surround them. But once again the assailant out maneuvers the young shinobi and escapes into the sewers. Metal attempts hit them with a dynamic entry kick but falls right into water. Which was pretty funny because none of them have learned chakra control in order to walk on water yet. The masked villain arrives in the sewers and senses Mitsuki following behind. But it was strange, neither one of them attacked each other, Mitsuki just let the ghost disappear into the shadows. Could he have a connection to them, somehow?

In the end Komame is saved by the boys but they’re still worried that the masked man got away from both groups. The episode ends with someone talking about releasing the beast. Which is now called “NUE”. The negative chakra taken from the people in village is used to open the door created by the Hashirama cell, which in turn can awaken NUE.

This has me thinking. The only people who experimented with the Hashirama cell were Orochimaru who produced Yamato (Tenzo) a wood style user and the foundation. Who were headed by Danzo who was known to use some of the same jutsu as the first Hokage. Given the weird behavior from Mitsuki some might think that Orochimaru is involved but I think that it’s someone from the foundation.

I’m really excited to see how they play this all out. This week was a really good episode and we were given so much information to chew on for the week. I also found it really neat that when Boruto uses taijustu, he uses the gentle fist. It’s very subtle but you can see the shape of the gentle form on his hand if you look closely. Who do you guys think is behind all of this? Where does the masked villain come from and who are they? Feel free to let me know your theories and as always, I’ll see you guys next week!

Score: 7/10
Animation: 7/10

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 10 – Review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 10 – Review

Again, we start this episode off really slow but we also get a lot of nice information to progress the story as well. I actually did enjoy this episode as well. Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki are actively hunting the ‘ghosts’, the term Boruto is now using to describe the purple chakra controlling people. The three of them have been skipping school to continue the hunt. Which leads to a funny scene where Mitsuki was in charge of writing the sick notes for them, we all know the guy has trouble with basic human interactions so his note was REALLY bad. Boruto comes home to Hinata with her Byakugan active, asking why he was skipping class. Shikadai returns to school with a giant smack mark on the side of his face. Mama Temari doesn’t play obviously.

But the class receives an assignment to go out into the village and find a place of work or business that might suit their interests and shadow the workers there. Boruto uses the post office or mail delivery service as a cover to comb the village for the ghosts while deliverying the mail, which I thought was pretty smart. Sarada and ChoCho choose the food factory (mainly because of ChoCho) and Sumire (class president) and two other girls choose the water plant, which will be very important for next week’s episode.

While the trio are delivery mail the get an alert that someone began rampaging in Senju Park, so they rush over to the scene quickly. Sai, who was already investigating the area for Naruto, finds a trace of Senju DNA on a park bench and brings it back to the Hokage’s mansion. Shikamaru and Naruto deduct that former members of the foundation may be to blame. Given that the group and experimented with Senju DNA in the past. Sai mentioned that past members may still be at large after the group disbanded due to Danzo’s death in the five kage summit arc of Naruto Shippuden. When the trio of kids arrive at the scene, they’re too late.

There was a really nice scene in the middle of the episode when Naruto comes home for a change of clothes. Hinata walks into the office to find him there and the way he speaks to her is so warm and loving. The go to Boruto’s room, to watch him sleep. Naruto talks about how he doesn’t know how to relate to Boruto that much now, since he himself grew up without a father. He says he can tell that his son senses that. But Hinata reassures him that Boruto knows that he’s trying and that he loves him, he just shows it in his own way. Even saying that Boruto looks just like Naruto when he smiles, which I really loved. It was so nice to see this family so happy. To see Naruto, have everything he’s ever wanted since the beginning. It really warmed my heart.

At the end of the episode the three boys return to the postal service the next day to continue work. But ChoCho is there causing a huge scene because her rare chips haven’t been delivered yet (which I thought was hilarious). In his rush to find the ghosts, Boruto delivered the mail terribly leading to it all having to be redelivered the next day. Suddenly they receive an alert that the something had happened at the at the water plant. The kids realize that Sumire and the other girls had chosen that location has their work shadow and the episode ends there.

Overall, I think the episode gave us a lot of good information. What with the Senju DNA reveling itself and the foundation coming up again. You can tell that the studio is gearing up for the climax of this arc. I would probably give it another 3 episodes before we start getting into the movie arc, which I’m really excited to see. There were tons of comedic scenes as usual that, I feel like combined with everything else that is why this anime is so great. It’s doing really well keeping the viewers engaged and coming back every week. So, until next week, I’ll see you guys later!

Score: 7.5/10
Animation: 7/10


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations EP 9 – Review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations EP 9 – Review

So in my opinion, this episode was a little dull in terms of pacing and lore BUT it was still enjoyable. We start by Hanabi testing Boruto’s eye power, replacing her father in the fight. I really, really enjoyed seeing one of favorite characters be able to fight again or even get more screen time for the first time in almost 3 YEARS. We also got to see how Boruto handles combat when he’s fighting at his full strength (excluding his unknown eye power and hidden potential). The way he thinks things out in battle is similar to Sasuke & Sarada, but the way he uses his shadow clones almost surpasses Naruto at his age. Even though he can’t materialise the same amount that his father can, he uses them so efficiantly for speed boosts and movement.

But in the end Hanabi cannot verify if it’s the Byakugan or not after she defeats her nephew. But she does sense some kind of power stiring in his eye and she urges Boruto to keep training and if anything should change to come back and see them again. Also, I also love the fact that Boruto calls Hanabi “Big Sis” and she treats him and Hima like younger siblings. As a fan of the series it really warms my heart to see connections like that being forged. Everyone has come such a long way. Even Naruto and Hiashi seem to be closer than ever before. The hyuga have seemed to change because of Naruto’s great influence over the village after the war.

There was a really nice sequence with Sarada and Boruto as they worked to take down yet another malice chakra victim. Sarada calling Boruto an idiot just like her mom used to do with Naruto was so funny. Also there was a nod to the old school Naruto episodes with Sarada throwing a fuma shuriken and Boruto appearing from the thrown shiruken behind the enemy. Just like the first Zabuza fight from way back when. But even Sarada Uchiha acknowledged that something was different with Boruto so i’m excited to see the growth between these two characters. Sarada being my favorite next generation character of course.

Overall, we weren’t really given any new information regarding Boruto’s eye power. Even though the young shinobi was dead set on proving his father wrong and revealing his Byakugan, he realized that he just needed to train more and be patient like Hanabi said. Even Naruto felt a change in Boruto and sensed that something truly was happening with his eye power, saying “I know he’s not lying this time” as he smiled.

Although the main story progression seems to be slowing down a bit now I still enjoyed this episode for the little jewels it carried. Really looking forward to next weeks episode, so until then i’ll catch you guys at the next review!

Score: 7/10
Animation: 7/10

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 8 – Review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 8 – Review

I am fully aware that this review is about a week late, I’m sorry! Life has been keeping me super busy but let’s jump right into it!

This episode of Boruto was one that can be called a kick starter. We’re starting to see some major progression in terms of filling crucial plot points and answering a few questions. One of those questions being centered around Boruto’s new eye power and where it came from exactly. Well, we have obtained a major response to that and that response is called Toneri. For those who don’t know, Toneri was a major character from The Last: Naruto the Movie. He wielded and eye power called the Tensiegan. So, if you haven’t watched the film, please go and do so!

But we get a scene with Toneri speaking to Boruto in his dream, saying that his eye will be the one to basically save and protect humanity. So, are they hinting that this eye could be a Tensiegan that was possibly passed down from Toneri to Boruto, somehow? Yes, Hinata has a connection to Toneri but there are still some more details we need before we can form a coherent theory.

Boruto labels his new eye the Byakugan and goes to tell his parents that he has the all-seeing eye now. We see a major character shift in Naruto in this episode. He acts like Minato in a sense in this episode, not the Naruto we know from the past. He doubts that his son has the Byakugan, saying that he hasn’t had the training necessary to unlock it. That, in turn, pisses Boruto off and he demands that they take him to him grandfather, the leader of the Hyuga clan.

This had to my favorite scene in the episode. We see Hanabi all grown up and interacting with her niece and nephew as well as Hinata’s father doing the same. The two of them were fawning so much over Boruto and Himawari, it was hilarious. Naruto and Boruto have a conversation with grandfather and ask to check if what Boruto is saying is indeed true, but he is unable to fully assess whether his grandson has the Byakugan or not. This brings us to end of the episode, ending with Hiashi challenging Boruto to a duel to test if the eye will finally reveal itself.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode a lot. They finally got the ball rolling and things should start progressing quickly now. Giving us more details and more answers to our questions. I am very excited for tomorrow’s episode, so I hope you guys tune in as well!

Score: 8.5/10
Animation: 7/10

カラスの外伝: Raven Gaiden – A ‘Huntress’ Story

カラスの外伝: Raven Gaiden – A ‘Huntress’ Story


The sign read ‘Hunter for hire’. The faded paint was plastered on an old wooden announcement board, just outside of the local bar. This town was not much to look at from first sight. The roads were stripped down to the dirt, the buildings barely hanging on to the wind pressuring them. While lacking in size and beauty, this town was the only one Raven had encountered for weeks. Tired and hungry she stared at sign in front of her. Strands of silvers blew from underneath the hood covering her head. Her jet-black boots covered in mud began to quiver underneath her.

“Hunter wanted… Monster in need of slaying, thief needing capturing… Same old rookie acts” she whispered to herself. You could hear the exhaustion in her soft voice.

Sighing she made her way into the bar, ready to take a contract. As expected the inside was not all the lively. Only a few seats were taken by some of the locals, but the room was as silent as a wake. A burley man stood behind the counter, waxing glasses peacefully. Raven took a seat in front of man, pushing her hood back. Her face was perfect, even with all the scars tracing it. Her grey eyes were tired and her silver hair was in dire need of a good wash.

“Not from around here, are ya kid” the barter asked.

She shook her head slowly. “From some ways away, actually”

“Well, you look like hell. Smell like it too. Here I thought young girls smelled like roses all the time”

“Hmph” she raised an eyebrow. “You talk to all your customers like that? I can definitely see why this bar is empty now”

He chuckled as he sat the glass down in front of Raven. “Here, you look like you could use a drink sunshine.”

“Couldn’t afford it if I wanted to”

“No worries, on the house. Now drink up.” He said as he poured her a glass of water.

Raven swiftly grabbed the glass, chugging down every drop. The bartender began to laugh a little and poured her another glass.

“So, what brings you to this neck of the continent” he inquired.

She put the glass down, wiping her mouth of access water. “I’m here for work, saw you had ‘monster’ problem. I can take care of it for you”

“You?” he said with astonishment. “You sure you wanna take on that job, it’s a doozy. That… thing, took out most of the hunters here. Town is empty because of it”

Raven would have scoffed if she wasn’t so spent.

“You see this sword” she asked as she pointed to the blade housed on her back. “I’m a huntress, from the royal coven. I’ll be just fine man. How much does it pay?”

“I see… Job pays 900. 1000 if you bring me the head”

Raven nodded in agreement as she got up from her chair. She slightly drew the sword from its home, the silver began to shine a blue color in the bar light. She stopped at the door and turned back a bit.

“Thanks for the drinks… I’ll be back” she said as she tossed the hood over her head, her black cloak blowing in the dusk wind.


            The sky had long began its slumber. The light of the moon illuminated the path for Raven to navigate. Her breath was calm and her heart steady. The long cloak she wore keeping the cold night at bay. The man was right, this town was completely deprived of people. Not even a single owl or cricket sung here.

“It is entirely too quiet here” raven whispered to herself. “Now where are you hiding?”

She decided to take her search into a nearby building. Strangely it seemed to be the only one with its soul still intact. No peeling paint or broken windows. It seemed ordinary. Raven soundlessly crept inside. Unlike the outside the inside of this building was trashed.

“God, it smells like someone died in here”

Raven pulled the hood from her head and began to scan the room for any clue she could find. Nearby was a table, smashed into two. Black fluid covered the splintered edges and the floor around it. Carefully raven ran her fingers through the mess, her eyes narrowing.

“Fresh” she said. “You’re close drool boy”

Raven carefully stood back up. Carefully dripping onto her silver hair was something slimy. She turned back, lacing her fingers through her hair, her fingers revealing the same black ooze from the table. She sighed, placing her hand on her hip impatiently.

“You got your drool in my hair asshole” her voice full of annoyance.

The culprit was large as it hung from the ceiling with its large hands. The tips of its sharp fingers were laced in red, dripping onto the floor. It had no face, just scorched black skin was shown. The way it was swinging from each beam in the ceiling was almost angelic, it made no sound as Raven watched it closely. It housed its feet onto the ground in front of her, its chest falling and rising rapidly. Suddenly it swung, quickly and full of force.

“Cheater” she yelled.

Raven was quick. Avoiding the barrage of swings coming at her with little effort. The demon swung again, unaware that Raven had been reading its movement from the start. She quickly dodged left and twisted around the faceless killer. In the same motion, she pulled a small dragger from her waist and shoved it into the monsters’ head. Following up with a strong counter punch to generate space for her next move.

Unbothered, it came for her again, faster this time. It held out its hands as its claws rapidly expanded towards Raven. Quickly she began to dodge the claws coming at her. Each one missing nearly missing her, the reaction time she possessed was unnatural. But she miscalculated as she pummeled by a swift kick and sent flying outside of the building. Glass and wood tracing her through the wind and onto the dirt.

“I really need a nap” she groaned as she wiped the blood from her mouth.

©Jawan Herron

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 7 – Review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 7 – Review

This episode of Boruto was more for comedy than anything else. In this week’s installment, we got a closer look at ChoCho, daughter of Choji and Karui. She is much like her father in terms of weight and her immense love for all things food. But she most definitely carries her mother’s attitude and looks. Always claiming that she wants a strong and good looking man for herself.

We find out that someone seems to be stalking the girls, more precisely the class president. So, with the help of the boys, the girls find and corner the stalker only to find out that he’s a student at the academy. Only looking for a chance to be noticed by the shy class president. The funniest part was when ChoCho convinced the poor kid to confess his feelings to the class president, in front of the whole gang. The scene reinforced the fact that this episode was more for comic relief, or a sort of filler before things heat up in the coming episodes.

After being rejected the infamous malice chakra grabs a hold on the embarrassed student and turns his stalking ways, into something more serious and dangerous. He begins to attack the group at school the following day, all to get the class rep alone with him. Cutting everyone off aside from her by using in camouflage ninjutsu. Which in my opinion was a pretty cool and unique jutsu for someone so young to have.

Boruto’s mystery eye activates again as he sees the chakra swarming around him. Being like his father, Boruto rushes in without a plan, dragging Shikadai along for the ride. All while ChoCho and Sarada watch from the sidelines. Sarada scolding Boruto for jumping in without a plan, much like her mother and father used to do to Naruto all the time. In a shocking turn, it is ChoCho who decides to step in. She puts down her bag of chips to make a speech about how he shouldn’t hide himself from anyone anymore. That he should work to become stronger and smarter, stand out more and be confident in himself. Only then will girls like the class rep notice him. With that negotiation, he breaks free from the malice chakra and apologizes to everyone for his actions.

Something I thought was funny was that ChoCho told the boy that once he becomes stronger he should “come back to her” and everyone is just like what? He wanted the class rep’s attention and she made it about her so quickly. I really enjoyed that. Another hilarious scene takes place after everything settles down and the boys are at the cafe eating. Boruto starts drawing a picture of the creature he saw using the malice chakra to try and show/explain everything to Mitsuki and Shikadai. The picture was horrible and the faces that the two made were hilarious, I was crying. I love when anime does that. Also, mitsuki seemed to speaking to his father Orochimaru again in this episode but it’s still unclear as to what he’s hiding.

The episode raps up with Naruto and Shikamaru again speaking on what to do about the strange reports once again. This time it seems like Naruto will be getting his own episode next week, as he and Shikamaru investigate why Boruto and the others are involved in this as well. Boruto even seemed to be speaking to Naruto about his strange eye power as well? The preview didn’t go into that much depth but I’m excited for next week nonetheless!

Score: 8.5/10
Animation: 9/10